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Jinora with a dragonfly bunny - ink and pencil on mid-tone paper


Jinora with a dragonfly bunny - ink and pencil on mid-tone paper

The Ripple Part Two, Act 2


New week new chapter. Next week will be the thrilling (?) conclusion to this, and in light of that fact, this chapter is pretty much me + sappy Kataang.

By this point in the story I will assume that everyone who is reading this story has already, well, read this story. You know what’s going on so I don’t need to put the ‘Read More’ in anymore yeah? That’s more organization purpose for me anyway.

Also keep the opinions coming on Element Day/Week {x}

   When Katara returned, she was greeted with the sight of Aang feeding Momo.

She almost didn’t want to disturb him, looking more at ease then he had in days, but he spotted her and beckoned her with his smile.

He sat Momo down on the porch and met her halfway, taking her hands in his and together they moved to the side of their temporary estate for a sense of privacy.

They lined themselves against the tan stones of the wall; they leaned back and tilted their heads up to the skyline ahead, close enough that only their shoulders touched.

“You left early.” Aang started awkwardly.

Katara nodded slightly, “Sorry about that. It was just something I thought I should handle on my own.”

“I know.”

Katara smiled. Of course he knew.

“I was wrong though. This is something we should both take care of.”

Aang turned his head to her, and they were eye to eye. Her tone was definite, it was something Katara had already made her mind up on and Aang was glad, because he had made up his mind to be a part of this too.

He listened patiently throughout the whole story. How she and Nutha used to be, how Nutha was now according to Niyok, why she’d acted so strangely after Nutha had called her out the other night, all of it.

Katara swallowed the lump in her throat as she finished catching him up, “I know what I said in Yu Dao, but I didn’t think we’d ever actually ever really be separated. I think this is my wakeup call that our relationship really is just like any other.”

Aang shook his head and turned his body to pull her in slightly, “We may not be as important to other people, but I’ve never thought we were like any other relationship.”

Katara blushed despite herself, “Aang, be serious.”

She hugged him close and felt his smile on her temple, “I am being serious. You and me… we’re special, Katara.”

Katara caught the swoon that was just itching to come out. ‘Dream Guy’ had nothing on Aang, that was for sure, but he could lay on the charm later. She moved to rest her chin on his shoulder.

“What do you want me to do?” She asked.

Aang sighed, “Well, I don’t want to cause a rift between you and your childhood friend. Those kinds of friends are important too.”

“… Yeah… but something like this… I don’t think it can be that way. We’ve all changed; I think it’d be selfish of me to want the old Nutha if this is just someone she’s become. I don’t know what happened in her life after all, I don’t want to just ignore what she’s gone through.”

It was a scary thought now, but Katara knew if her circumstances had stayed the same, she could’ve been on the same wavelength as Nutha seemed to be on. Back then there certainly wasn’t anything to make her like the Fire Nation that took her mother or the Earth Kingdom that took her father, and if she had stayed in the same life maybe what had rubbed off on Nutha would’ve rubbed off on her too.

The arms of the young man tightening around her now were constantly keeping her leveled, keeping her head on straight much more than he realized.

“I’ll agree with anything you decide Katara, but… just know, I don’t think I could be as strong as you were back then. After all this, I don’t know what I’d do if-“

Katara cut him off. As long as he was beside her, that was that. She could do anything.

She’d already decided it wouldn’t come to what he was going to suggest, so there was no reason to say what had been on her mind the entire walk back. Katara wanted this very kiss to seal that thought away forever.

What would I do… if we ever had to part?’


For the rest of the day, Aang didn’t want Katara stressing out anymore than she had to. When they’d calmed down enough for her to tell want to tell him the plan, he realized the real fight would begin as soon as the refinery workers were done for today.

So for right now, they weren’t the Avatar Aang and Master Katara of the Water Tribe gearing up to defend themselves, they were Aang and Katara, a couple in love and spending time together; laughing, flirting, ultimately strengthening their bond.

They sat in the same spot on the side of the house, with the added comfort of Aang bending the ground beneath them into stools and mini table-like shapes and Katara throwing pillows on top and bringing out tea for a finishing touch.

“Oh yeah!” Aang exclaimed, “Remember when we were in Wan Shi Tong’s library, and we were talking about where we wanted to go for vacation?”

Katara nodded into her teacup.

“When do you want to go to the Misty Pond Oasis? I know we’ve been all over the place lately, but now that we have an opportunity to schedule stuff, I was thinking we could try—Katara?!”

Aang rubbed her back worriedly to help Katara get over the swift choke of her tea.

Katara waved his distress away and looked at him embarrassedly. It occurred to her a long time ago that she was becoming… attracted to the mature side of Aang.

Of course he didn’t need to know that.

But this was the first time he’d ever surprised her with it as lately Aang was constantly fulfilling the Avatar duties or his Air Nomad duties. For him to suddenly turn it on after making jokes mere seconds before struck something in her that was much more prevalent now that she was his girlfriend.

“I-I’m okay, just drank a little too fast,” She chuckled nervously, hoping he’d write off her blushing, “the um, Misty Pond Oasis? You remembered that? Aang I didn’t even remember that.”

“I figured you would. I guess I just remembered to do the remembering for both of us.” He shrugged it off, as if it wasn’t the sweetest thing Katara had ever heard.

It had an automatic dazing effect over her. Katara placed her hand under her chin and swirled her finger lazily over the teacup rim, “How about when all this is over?”

“All of this?”

“When we deal with my problem, and we deal with this place… let’s just go. Even if we’re only gone for a day, even if we can only go for a couple of hours we could drop Toph off at her academy, drop Sokka off with Suki, drop the acolytes back off in Yu Dao or send them on another Air Nomad field trip and just go.”

Aang smiled. He’d never heard her sound so nomadic or this new expression on her face, but he was sure it was making him fall in love with her again. If left to their own devices Aang was pretty sure they’d do nothing but turn up the ‘oogies’ ten-fold, and he had no problem with it if she didn’t. Even if it was only for a few minutes, even if they only got halfway there the fact that Katara wanted it to be just them sometimes was more than tempting, it was what Aang always wanted.

 He reached his hands across the table and took hers in a firm grasp, “Yeah. I’ll definitely remember this plan.” The words were blissfully sighed out.

They were completely lost in each other and only when Katara was this immersed in love was when everything finally clicked in her mind and she knew exactly what she wanted to say.

Right after she said the only thing that mattered now.

“I love you Aang.”

Aang completely melting at her words was what she would remember about that late afternoon, not the whistle of the Earthen Refinery chiming the early workers out.

Katara thought despite everything she would’ve still been tense when the time came, but she’d never felt more ready.

Kataang Week 2014 Prompts: The Long List!

Okay panda-lilies here are the prompts. I removed the requests for protection, healing and hands as they were prompts last year. I also excluded the prompt from “zombie apocalypse AU” as that didn’t really fit with the way Kataang Week works (but if you want to write I’m sure everyone would love to read it!

Sorry that these aren’t formatted great - there’s 123 of them and I just thought it would be easier this way than in one long list so… without anymore delay - the long list!

Adult Alone time Aloof Alter ego Automobile Bed time stories Bitter Body Breeze Bruised Bubbles Burn Children Clean Clothes Cold (x2) Collide Comfort Competition Cozy Culture Dad Dangerous Dare Disguise Distractions Dream (x2) Dress Duty Elderly Element Engage Engagement Eyes Falling Famous Favourite Field trips First time First-born Food Forever Forgetting Games Ghosts Goofy Heartbreak Held Hero Hoarse Holding you Home Hopeless Hospitality Hot Hot springs Inside Instrument Kids Kinks Lacy Last Letter (x2) Lies Loss Lost (x2) Maze Midnight Modern Mom Monlight Moon Muse Naked Name (x2) Never Nightmare Not meant to be Once Opposite Pillow Poison Portrait Pride Promise Proposal Puzzle Rainy days Realistic Rebel Relic Revenge Role play Safe Scandal Secrets Seductive Sexy Shampoo Shine Skill Something old Spirit Stay Steam Storm Strawberries Strip tease Stuck Sunshine Sweat Swimming Talisman Tea Tease Time (x2) Together Unborn Understanding Weapon Whisper Wish Youthful

Voting will start in the next couple of days!

1000 Followers Fic Giveaway!



Part of me can’t quite believe this, but I’ve got 1000 followers. Honestly, I’m not even sure why most of you are here! I’m so happy that you are though so I want to give a little something back to you all.

So, like this post, reblog it, reblog it 100 times - I don’t care - on Friday 18th April I’ll be using a random number generator to pick three of you who will get fics frome me.

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And that’s it! There’s no rules - obviously I would prefer if you followed me since this is a giveaway for my followers but I’m not gonna check.

Just thank you all so much - I love all of you!

Anonymous asked: "i dont think you should reblog any content from kataang month at all because you've such negative attitude towards it lol"

I have an opinion, which I am allowed to have.

Anonymous asked: "But also, I think you should keep in mind that Kataang and Zutara are two whole different ship and has different shippers. They had their month planned just 2 weeks before the actual event, which leaves people a little unprepared. And from what I've seen, Kataang Month are willing to do one of their weeks together with Kataang week, so I don't think it will be a flop at all! And also it will be during summer break. I think its a very good idea to have two events this summer! More for the ship!"

Not everyone has a summer break.

I don’t think there is a bigger advocate for the creation of Kataang content than myself - there is nothing I would love more than to see the tag(s) stuffed to the brim everyday with new content for a whole month but I’m being realistic because I don’t want to get my hopes up.

I don’t have to justify my opinions on this to you though. If you want to discuss this further you can come off anon.


I think an ATLA rewatch is in order.

Anonymous asked: "So you won't reblog anything Kataang related from the ship month? Like, edits and stuff around the time its being held?"

If I like them, then of course I will. Right now I won’t be participating though - I would rather focus on my Kataang Week fic (which I plan to have as another set of connected one shots/moments hopeully) and post what I’ve dedicated a good deal of time to and am happy with than thirty-one 100 word drabbles that I’ve written last minute and I’m not happy with.

Anonymous asked: "Why not kataang month??"

I believe in quality, not quantity.

I’ve never liked the idea of ship months in any fandom - they are hard to maintain and require a lot of work by the people/person running it as well as those participating. It sets people up for disappointment. I personally just don’t see it working out for this fandom - Zutara Month was a huge flop and easily has a much bigger fandom following than Kataang.