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Kataang Week Day 3: Rainy Days


A/N: I strayed from my usual angsty fics to write this fluffy one :)

Rating: K+
Word Count: 1,400+

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Katara stood by the window. Everything outside was tinted gray, and she watched as endless drops of water pelted the ground, effectively blurring her view.

Most people would look outside and remark how the day had been ruined. Katara, however, found it absolutely beautiful.

She made her way to the door, opening it and taking a step outside onto the covered porch. The cool air greeted her, and she inhaled the relaxing smell of wet earth. She then walked over to the edge and held out a hand to the rain, allowing herself the familiar feel of water sliding across her hand.

What she really loved most about rainy days, however, were the clouds. She looked up; they were a breathtaking mixture of silver and white with subtle hints of darkness on the edges—so much like his eyes.

She looked over at Republic City, made nothing more than a silhouette by the rain. Aang was off to another council meeting that day, and though she had always known that the Avatar belonged to the world, it didn’t make her miss him any less.

She sat down on the topmost step. She knew Aang wouldn’t like her moping around without him, so she tried to distract herself by watching something she had always found fascinating—how the rain rippled the water on the little pond they had near the house. For a while, she just stayed there, mesmerised by the intricate pattern of circles the drops created on the usually still pond and listening to the familiar sound of rain drumming on wood.

The corner of her mouth pulled up. Rain hadn’t always been familiar.


It had only been a few days since they had left the South Pole. They were setting up camp when suddenly, Katara felt a drop of something cold and wet hit the back of her neck.

Who’s there?” she said, whipping around.

Um, me?” Aang answered, obviously confused. He was carrying a folded tent in his arms.

The waterbender blinked. “Oh, sorry, Aang. I just felt something weird. Like … water hitting the back of my—” She was cut off by another cold drop, this time landing right on her nose. She looked up; above them was a carpet of gray, and water—liquid water, not snow—started falling down in heavy drops all around them.

It’s rain,” came Aang’s voice. Puzzlement was evident in his tone.

Rain,” she repeated. “It’s beautiful.”

You’ve never seen rain before?” She tore her eyes away from the sky to look at him. He was staring at her incredulously.

No,” she admitted. “Sokka and I have never left the South Pole before. All I’ve ever seen is snow, and when it gets really bad, blizzards.” She shook her head. “I can’t believe how much we’ve been missing out on.”

Oh, well—” Aang fumbled for the right words. He had never met anyone who had never seen rain before. “I always liked snow better. Seeing everything in white is so much nicer than everything being tinged with gray.”

Katara laughed. “Maybe you’d think differently if your entire world used to be white.”

Aang grinned at her, his teeth flashing in the rain. “Maybe. But I’ve always found gray kind of dreary,” he said. “Air Nomads would pick flying under a blue sky over a gray one anytime,”

He was looking right at her, bright with pride at his people’s customs. She had to smile; Aang was the most cheerful person she’d ever known, and his eyes, the same shade as the clouds above them, were always sparking with humor and mischief. Over the past weeks, she had come to know gray as sincere and friendly, lighthearted and optimistic; a silent reminder of her closest friend.

Quite the opposite of dreary, actually .

I don’t think gray’s dreary,” she said. “Your eyes are gray, and I think they’re nice …”The words slipped out of her mouth before she could stop them. She blushed, her eyes widening in embarrassment. What had she just said?

Aang turned red as well. “Oh, um, thanks.” He rubbed the back of his neck shyly. “I think your eyes are pretty nice, too. A blue sky.” He mumbled the last part, but Katara heard it loud and clear.

The waterbender felt as if her face were on fire. “Thanks.”

She averted her gaze, trying to distract herself from the awkwardness of the moment. Her chest felt tight; she wasn’t sure what to make of the exchange of compliments that had just happened between them.

Aang was the first one to break the silence. “I guess I should go get the tents set up,” he said, clearing his throat. “Sokka’s going to kill me if he gets back and sees them still flat on the ground.” He started to walk away.

Katara couldn’t let it end like that. He was the reason she had seen her first-ever rain, and it wasn’t right for him not to know how much she appreciated it. “Wait.” He stopped walking, looking back at her curiously. “I didn’t get to thank you,” Katara said.

Thank me? For what?” He was utterly perplexed.

She smiled, momentarily forgetting about the earlier tension. “I never would have seen rain if it weren’t for you. So thank you, Aang.”

He grinned, and she saw the familiar glint in his eyes return. “Well, I never would have gotten out of that iceberg if it weren’t for you. But … you’re welcome, Katara,” he said warmly.

Right before he looked away, she saw that his argentine eyes were shining with happiness. It made her heart flutter a bit.

Gray, she decided, wasn’t dreary at all.

Katara sighed at the memory. How young they were, how naive she was back then …

Her thoughts were interrupted by a familiar roar. Katara looked up; sure enough, she could just make out Appa flying towards the island.

She stood up. Paying no attention to the rain, she walked over just as the sky bison had landed.

"Hey, Katara," Aang greeted her as he skilfully airbent himself off Appa. He locked her gaze with his warm eyes, same as they were when he was twelve.

She smiled. “You’re back early.”

He shrugged. “The meeting went quicker than expected.” He paused for a moment. “What are you doing outside?”

"Just remembering things. Watching the rain." Aang raised his eyebrows, but said nothing. "I missed you."

His expression softened at her words, and she closed the distance between them with a few steps, tiptoeing up to kiss him. She felt cool fingertips brush her cheek as he returned it eagerly, surprised but pleased.

"What’s this about?" he asked with a smile after they had pulled away.

"I love you. Can’t I welcome my husband back home?" she asked playfully.

He chuckled. “I didn’t say I was complaining. But we are getting drenched.” He remarked, gesturing at their current dripping state.

"A simple matter, Avatar," she said, holding up a hand and easily creating a shield of water against the rain.

He shook his head in mock shame. “I’m an insult to you, Sifu Katara.”

"No. You’re just a goof," she said affectionately.

"I can’t help it when I’m around you," he admitted bashfully.

She let out a short laugh. Thundercloud eyes looked back in confusion. “What is it?”

She laced her free hand’s fingers through his strong ones. “Nothing.” Together, they walked Appa back to his stable, exchanging stories about how they spent the day and just enjoying the feeling of being together.

"Work gets a little tough these days." Aang said, sighing. They had swapped waterbending duties; he was now holding up their makeshift umbrella. "But what keeps me going is that at the end of the day, I get to come back to you." He smiled at her, and though they had been married for almost a year already, she never really got over the butterflies whenever he looked at her in that special way.

"Aang!" she exclaimed, blushing. Unthinkingly, she smacked him, making him lose his control of the water.

"Look what you’ve done," he complained teasingly. "Now we’re going to have to huddle so we won’t get cold." He freed his hand and wrapped it around her waist, pulling her closer.

Fully aware that bending away the rain was no problem at all, she smiled, resting her head on his shoulder and enjoying the warmth radiating from him. She really did love rainy days.


aaaaand there’s two more! Both were a speed-test which I was pretty happy about, and individually were completed in quite a reasonable time.


aaaaand there’s two more! Both were a speed-test which I was pretty happy about, and individually were completed in quite a reasonable time.

gibbythesecond replied to your post: So this is an honest to god thing that…

Look at all that plaid. What the heck is going on here?

sorry darling, didn’t see your reply until now. it’s the opening ceremony of the commonwealth games - like the olympics but for the british empire only - and it’s in scotland this year so we’ve just had two hours of the most awfuly and cringey tv i’ve seen in a long time.

the only good part was each nation was led out to wave to the crowd by a little scottie dog in a coat!

Looks Like Rain


Character(s): Katara and Aang
Rating: K+ 
Pairings: Kataang
Words: 650 
Prompt:  Rainy Days
Other: Find it on FF.Net!
A/N: FINALLY I RETURN. (i missed the first two days due to laptop issues so this fic is more a warm up, but i promise to return with more. this fic is dedicated to marie who continues to be one of the best writers out there.

The beach is a frothing, fathomless mess of tide and wind and tempest, water crashing along the shore and breaking back out to sea again. Overhead, the sky is a grey steel, with clouds moving about, blocking out the sun and casting a weak, cold light onto the ground below. Looking up, Aang fancies he feels raindrops starting to fall, but it could just as easily be the ocean spray, calling his attention back to the earth below.

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The New World Needed Room for Me & You: Kataang Week — Day 3 (Rainy Days)


we’ll burn away that tear and raise our city here
Day Three:
The New World Needed Room for Me & You (Rainy Days)
Some days, Sokka misses the world at war. Those days usually involve a burnt-out Avatar and his sister crying at his dining room table.
Rated: T
WC: 3,916

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Kataang Week - Day 3: Rainy Days

Kataang Week - Day 3: Rainy Days

Is that… John Barrowman ?

yes, on a tartan car in a tartan suit singing about scotland

Kataang Week 2014: Comfort

Rating: G
Word Count: ~500
Notes: short, not sweet. Sorry. Also late.

“I waited one hundred years for you,” he says, his voice stronger than the grip of his hands, “and I will wait one hundred more to be with you again.”

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So this is an honest to god thing that is happening down the road from me. I hate Scotland sometimes.

So this is an honest to god thing that is happening down the road from me. I hate Scotland sometimes.

Kataang Week 2014 ~ Day Three : Rainy Days


“I’m going to head on over to Aang and Katara’s for a bit, okay? It’s raining so they’re probably at home.” Sokka yelled to his wife who was at the other end of the house.

“NOOOO!” Suki cried as she came barreling out of the training room she was in. “Don’t Sokka, just don’t. We’ve already had this conversation! They just got married, leave them alone.”

Sokka frowned, “Suki. I don’t know what you think they’re going to be doing but I want to see that Aang is keeping his promise to make sure she’s comfortable and happy! She’s my little sister, I have to look out for her.”

“This is Aang we are talking about. When has he ever been less than devoted to her? And also I’m pretty sure Katara doesn’t need you to “look out for her”. This is the same person who took on Azula singlehandedly and won?” Suki could see that the resolve in Sokka’s eyes wasn’t budging. “Plus it’s raining outside! And you lost our only umbrella. They probably just want some time alone. Come on Sokka. Stay home.” She wheedled. When he didn’t respond she threw her hands up in frustration and said, “Fine! Do what you want. Catch a cold for all I care.” She grumbled under her breath as she stalked away from him.

Sokka rapped on the door to the Avatar’s suite with his knuckles. The pitter-patter of raindrops echoed loudly through the fairly empty halls of the Air Temple.

“It’s open!” Aang’s disembodied voice said. Sokka pushed open the door and took in the sight of his sister and best friend/ new brother-in-law sitting at a Pai Sho table, concentrating on a game that was laid out before them.

“Hey Sokka!” Katara said, “Would you like to join us? Why are you wet?”

“It’s raining outside.” Sokka stood there watching them with suspicious eyes.

“Really? We hadn’t noticed.” Katara said surprised.

“Pai Sho?” Sokka said. “When did you learn how to play Pai Sho?”

“Uh… Uncle Iroh taught us. We’re really enjoying it, we’ve been playing a lot.” Aang said brightly. There was a heartbeat where Aang was certain Sokka wouldn’t buy his story. Aang and Katara held their breath (and their robes in position).

“Cool!” Sokka said. Aang and Katara exhaled gratefully. “Okay just wanted to see how you guys were doing. I hope you’re taking care of Katara, Aang.”

“I can take care of myself Sokka. Don’t you have somewhere you need to be? We’d like to get back to the game.” Katara said impatiently. “Hold on let me dry you off.” She pulled all the moisture from his clothes and hair deftly. “You can take an umbrella from the stand near the door on your way out.”

“Okay then. I’ll see you guys later. Have fun with your game.” Sokka said as he exited their room.

“It’s raining outside?” Aang said incredulously. “Monkey feathers I didn’t even notice.”

“Well you were a little busy.” Katara said slyly letting her robe fall open. She walked over to Aang and helped him shrug out of the hastily thrown on garment.

“I guess I was. Do you mind showing me what we were doing? I don’t seem to remember too clearly.” He said as he wrapped a strong arm around his wife’s bare waist and drew her closer. He bent down to press his lips against hers and her arms went around his neck. She pressed her body against his and he lifted her off the ground smoothly as she wrapped her legs around his waist.


Aang lowered Katara to the floor quickly as they sprang apart and Katara quickly tried to tie her robe. They watched Sokka retch and then run out of the door with the closed umbrella he held in his hand whipping about.

Aang blushed a deep red and Katara rolled her eyes. “We’re married! What did he expect us to be doing?” She said laughing loudly.

Aang shook his head. “That completely ruined the mood huh?” He said weakly.

“Did it Avatar? Did it really?” Katara said moving closer to him and running her hands down his chest. She laughed as Aang picked her up and tossed her on the bed, kissing him as he hovered above her supported by his forearms.

Sokka walked into the house he shared with Suki, dripping wet with the still closed umbrella hanging listlessly from his wrist. “I’ve been scarred for life.” He announced.

Suki rolled her eyes at her melodramatic husband and said, “I told you so.”